Review: Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts Sora

Review: Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts Sora

I just recently had brought Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts Sora 2nd form, and it is a well sculpted figure. The details are very nicely done, and the scaling with other figure such as the Good Smile Company’s Pit and Dark Pit figmas. Sora comes with his Kingdom Key, a heart-shaped stand, extra hand and a extra head sculpted with slightly annoyed face.

Unlike most figure where the stand is needed for the figure to stand, Sora doesn’t really need the stand to stay up, but he might need it to do some poses. The details on Bring Arts Sora compare to that of Good Smile Company Pit are very showing. For characters of different games and companies both figures have nailed their looks down. Bring Arts not having as much figures made such as Good Smile, still can make a figure look like it came straight out of the source material. Having very good articulation, and poseability, not even the Good Smile Company can match with all their figures.

Here’s a video review by SpartanUruk



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