My First Layout

My First Layout

Dessert Blog:

I chose the colors for this blog as such, because they are the colors I see in a bakery. The colors are that of desserts, like that of cupcakes and cookies. I decided that a light pink would be for the color of frosting and strawberry, as putting a another shade of brown we look too dull, and when thinking of dessert you like of a sweet old lady. The fonts I used are Rokkitt for the heading because it looks professionl but still very bold and sweet. The body’s font are Roboto which reminds me of cook book font of the list of ingredients.

Nature Blog:

For this nature blog I wanted to center the header in the middle, since it would look weird being too to the left. I used soft natural colors that look to me very appealling to the green text. I also didn’t want to use the typical “nature” colors of forest green and browns. The font that I used are Saira and Halant, Saira for the heading and Halant for the body. I wanted the heading font to have some stlye to it but I didn’t want to over do it, so I settle for a font that look uniformed and somewhat unique.

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