Color Palettes

Color Palettes

Children Show:

The dominant color of this is yellow, this is due to yellow being a neutral color, having not being tied to any gender specifically. Many of the most famous of characters are yellow, Pikachu, Sponge-bob, The Simpsons and Winnie the Pooh. To me, yellow is a color that represents energy, light and fun, yellow is a positive color that a children might want to use to brighten the mood for children. The accent colors are slightly saturated reds and blues, being a primary colors that also catches the attention of children, blues are very common in children shows being used for the wide open skies to the deep blue waters. Red seems to fit with the overall feel of this palettes, I also noticed that some characters also wear the colors red: Steven Universe, Ash from Pokemon, Elmo and Micky Mouse. Mickey being a character that has all three of the primary colors in his color palette, and he too is very famous. I choose theses colors because they are used mostly in the environment and to show the liveliness of the show, and the web page can reflect this with this color palette catching the attention.

Food Truck:

The dominant color is orange, as orange is really unique and can be used for most types of  foods. I imagine that this food truck would serve both healthy and not so healthy options, so orange can fit both of theses foods. I showed my younger sister (8 years of age) and when she thinks of orange she sees a cheeseburger, but I think of oranges. Orange is also different that most other fast food restaurants and would want to stand out from the crowd. The accent colors are the red and green, both used to catch the attention, while also being the main color of many food choices. Yellow is used to grab the attention and mixed with the others really reminds me of food, yellow can also add a bit of more favor to a site and make it pop.

Local New Blog:

The domain color of this local new blog is blue, to  show the openness and non bias view of the new blog. Blue showing the how reliable the new blog is. The other colors can be used to represent the varies types of new, depending the on the mood of the new being reported on. The accents colors I chose are bright and each color can grab the attention of people who want to read about the news. The colors I that I picked are similar to the colors that google uses, making the new blog friendly. The new blog to me I can to be a reliable source for everyone and needs  have the correct information, so blue is there to help drive that idea of reliable. Green for new about the environment and economy, orange for food and activities, and red for the more serious crime and social reports.

Social Awareness:

I chose red to show the importance of the movement and catch the attention of people who might not be aware of the issue to begin with. And the added blues is used to calm the nerves and bring in a open and safe type of feeling to the table.Like with the news blog the colors added to the types of social issues that may come up. The bold color grab the attention. The colors on this color palettes are similar to the news, so the themes to me are overlapping. The cool blue is to less the issue to those who may not understand the issue in full.

Halloween Festival:

Since there are not that may Halloween theme Festival or activities in my area, I wanted to that for a website. The colors are the ones most people would think of when thinking of Halloween. I have a little sister so a website with theses color would scream Halloween or candy. The orange could be used for candy corn and the togetherness of the holidays. These colors could also be used for a candy company to sell candy for the holiday. The green would complementary to purple, and orange can like an accent to the website. The main color that I would use for the website is shades of purple since purple has this type of mysterious vibe about it with is way I’m such a fan of the color purple.

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